Learn to Laugh and Enjoy Life Again

The Transforming Life Sober Living Center is committed to creating a fresh start for you! If you or any member of your family is trying to stay sober, free from drugs, alcohol and other types of addiction, we will give you the push you need for a second chance at a joyful life.

What is an Addiction?

People who are addicted seldom have control over what they take in. Seldom too do they have control of their actions thereafter. Although the initial decision to do something or take in alcohol or drugs is voluntary for most people, changes that happen in the brain over time hampers one’s self control and ability to resist the strong impulses for the substance they have become addicted to.

Many people do not completely understand why or how a person becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Others mistakenly assume that people who are addicted lack the willpower and moral principles – that they can get rid of the addiction simply by choosing to change their behavior. It is not that simple. Contrary to what many think, drug and alcohol addiction is a very complex disease. It takes more than good intentions and a strong will to quit. In fact, people who think they are ready to become sober will find it very difficult to actually stay away from the addiction because changes in the brain have resulted to the fostering of compulsive use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Help is Available

At The Transforming Life Sober Living Center, we understand your situation. We know what you are going through, which is why we are very committed to what we do. Our team provides proper education and new skills for managing the addiction. We offer a culturally sensitive, safe and supportive environment with unique accommodation and great services to help people and their families with co-occurring disorders establish recovery and stability within themselves and their community. The Transforming Life Sober Living Center provides all modalities to address individual needs in a very personal and confidential setting. Let us help you find a way out.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our services and processes. Feel free to give us a call for more details:

How do you treat the clients with history of relapse?

At The Transforming Life Center, For an individual who has suffered multiple relapses, the customized program may include a rigorous focus on relapse prevention and intense individual therapy sessions.

Is Family involved in treatments?

The behavior or someone suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol can be tough for families to handle. Family members feel devastated and powerless over the addiction.

At The Transforming New Life Treatment Center, we believe that family involvement is a significant part of the recovery process. Family members will have contact with the primary therapist, may be included in select counseling sessions, and are encouraged to attend programs for family members including:
•Education on the nature of addiction
•Relapse prevention tools
•Coping skills
•Information on co-dependency and how to break damaging enabling patterns
•Ongoing communication with the primary therapist treating individual
•Family therapy sessions
•Introduction to Al-Anon and other nationwide support groups at the Transforming Life Center, For an individual who has suffered multiple relapses, the customized program may include a rigorous focus on relapse prevention and intense individual therapy sessions.

What does a typical day include?

The Transforming Life Center program consists of group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, holistic therapy, 12-step workshops, life skills workshops, educational seminars, and other therapeutic offerings that enhance the sober experience and increase the chances of success in sobriety.

Is smoking or tobacco use permitted?

Yes, limited by the house rules.


Will I be drug tested?

Yes. Throughout the treatment process, frequent and random drug testing will be performed to ensure individuals are maintaining abstinence.


Can I have Visitors?

Yes. Visitors approved by the client’s primary therapist can visit after …… weeks. Visitation times are scheduled on an individual basis.

How do I begin the admission process?

Individuals and family members can initiate the admissions process by contacting The Transforming Life Center or by completing the Admission form on this site under Contact.

What is the cost of your program?

The cost of our program varies based on the level of care needed. For more information please contact us.


How long is the recovery program

It depends on your health and addiction, typically it can take from a few months to a year.