Key Employee Executive Intervention

Sometimes a key employee develops a self-destructive habit; for example, alcohol abuse. This often causes lack of creativity and productivity, poor decisions, deteriorating public relations or expensive mistakes. It is costly to let a key executive go, as is finding a replacement. Perhaps this is a valued employee, possibly a friend, who has served well for many years. Far better to correct the problem and keep the executive.

Intervention with top executives in a corporate or other professional setting is very effective.

For employers, few decisions are more agonizing than figuring out how to deal with an employee who is hooked on drugs or alcohol or engaging in other self-destructive behaviors. On the one hand, compassion for the person and concern about the bottom line dictate immediate and decisive action. On the other, there often are feelings of embarrassment, concern about the boundaries of the employee-employer relationship, and fear of making legal, medical and psychological mistakes. Sadly, many of these situations reach muddled, contentious and even economically disastrous conclusions.

Addressing this problem are specialists who arrange “executive interventions” for key employees. They fly into town, choreograph confrontations between addicted employees and their bosses and coworkers, and use many of the same techniques employed by families hoping to get their loved ones into treatment. Their services do not come cheap, and the process can be painful for all concerned, but both the fiscal and emotional returns on investment, they say, can be significant.

Often people know when there is a problem at work. Fear, confusion about how to help, and uncertainty about appropriate responses may be holding you back from taking action. The damage to your business reputation and productivity caused by addiction can be catastrophic. Terminating and replacing a key employee can be very expensive and may send the wrong message about loyalty and compassion in the company. Often a less expensive and less disruptive solution is to seek professional help for the addicted executive. Don’t sacrifice valuable team members and close personal friends without trying an executive intervention. Thomson Solutions will work with you to provide complete privacy and discretion while confronting the problem before it escalates further. Addiction is a progressive disease and without treatment things will get worse. Contact us today for a confidential analysis of the problem. Your valued employee deserves your compassionate help and your company deserves a return to sanity.

An Executive Intervention is a cost effective and humane way of dealing with addiction in the workplace.

Absentee employees, excessive use of sick leave, accidents in the work place, attitude changes, persistent errors, hyper-activity without productivity, missed meetings and/or bad decisions, poor personal hygiene and inappropriate relationships with co-workers…are just some of the signs of addiction in the work place. Losing key employees and trying to replace them is time consuming, arduous and costly.
If you believe a member of your workforce is suffering from this disease Ark Interventions can help. We will provide, in a discrete professional manner, that upholds the dignity of your key employee, an intervention with the overall objective being their productive return to the workplace and on-going recovery. Contact us now.