The Transforming Life Sober Living Center houses a team of highly skilled and well-experienced professionals whose aim is to give individuals a fresh start towards an addiction-free and sober life. We connect people and families (support system) to help them recover from substance abuse and associated behavioral problems.

We are real people who help individuals with real problems. Our team has witnessed how drug and alcohol addiction has caused chaos among families, relationships, and to everyone else involved. Although there is no tried-and-true formula that works for everybody as a whole. What may work for one may not work for another. It is highly individualized and we strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to recover. Thus, we strive to provide the best services our patients deserve, working closely with their families toward recovery.

Principles for an Effective Treatment

Research for the past four decades has identified key points that help in building effective treatment. Before entering a recovery program, keep in mind the following:

  • Addiction is complex. It affects mental and behavioral functions, but it can be treated. One’s cooperation and willingness to change have huge impacts on the success of the recovery.
  • There is no specific treatment that works for everybody. Successful treatment programs cater to all aspects of the person’s life, not just his/her addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Treatment is also regularly evaluated based on patient’s progress and modified accordingly to ensure improvement.
  • Sharing emotional troubles and learning new skills may help with recovery.
  • Counseling and other behavioral therapies are the most common forms of drug and alcohol addiction therapies. Medications are also an essential aspect of the treatment program which are monitored continuously, as lapses during treatment are common.
  • Remaining in treatment and complying with follow-up care are very critical. Addiction is considered a chronic disease where treatment does not simply stop when symptoms cease.

If you or a family member is facing the difficulties of drug and/or alcohol addiction, do not waste precious time. Treatment needs to be started as soon as possible. The Transforming Life Sober Living Center has the experts to lead you through the right path towards recovery.

Meet our team:

  • Siamak Afshar
    Siamak Afshar B.A., CADCII (Founder)


    Siamak Afshar B.A., CADCII (Founder)

    Siamak Afshar the founder and C.E.O. of and Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc. has been clean and  since 1/16/1983. As a recovering addict/alcoholic and a gambler himself, he knows first hand the real challenges the addict and/or his/her loved ones go through.

    In our house and center, you get effective support and guidance for you and your loved ones to create a new life for yourself.

    Siamak is a living proof that true recovery is a real possibility.

    Siamak is a well known and highly regarded chemical dependency counselor and a certified interventionist in State of California. Siamak has been working in the field of addiction and dual diagnoses at various schools, county and private hospitals as well as out-patient or in-patient residential facilities since 1987 and in private practice since 1998.

    Siamak Afshar is the founder and former president of IRC, a non-profit organization which offers services free of charge to addicts/alcoholics and their families in-need. He has been the program director of New Life Treatment Center in Irvine, which has changed to Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc. which moved to Yorba Linda in 2004.

    Siamak has written weekly for an international magazine called Javanan, addressing the Fatal disease of addiction and its Recovering Process as well as the nature of the co-dependency and it’s relationship with addiction.

    Siamak is a host of numerous radio and international weekly TV shows, addressing the disease of addiction and its recovering process – interviewing recovering addicts/alcoholics, gamblers and at over eaters,  including may professionals in the field of addiction since 1993.

    Siamak holds a B.A. in psychology from Union Institute University and a CADCII certification from the State of California.

    He is an avid marathon runner and participated in 76 marathons so far since 1982, and plans to continue running the marathons for the rest of his life.

    Siamak is true stand for full recovery from any addiction including nicotine. He believes recovering is a real possibility.

    Siamak Afshar


    Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc.

  • Halleh Afshar
    Halleh AfsharMarketing Director


    Halleh Afshar (Marketing Director) has over 25 years of working experience is responsible for management of marketing and variety of activities including grants, fund raising events and our capital campaign. Halleh joined our team in 2015. Her passion and enthusiasm for facilitating clients and their families in making Life-Altering changes is precisely the kind of strength that the Transforming Life Center expect and benefit from.

  • Farhad Ameli
    Farhad AmeliProgram Coordinator

    FarhadAmeli -Hourse
    Farhad Ameli (Program Coordinator)

    Farhad Ameli has been active as Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor(CADC) since 1985. Farhad’s personal recovery from drugs motivated him to complete Alcohol & Drug studies in early/mid 80’s. Later he graduated from Antioch University with BA in Psychology/Management.

    Farhad’s successfully conducted programs in non-profit, for-profit, inpatient, and outpatient for adults as well as adolescents. His work experience started in LA county, and expanded to Orange county and to Riverside county, where he resides today. In addition, he has over 15 years training in personal and spiritual development.

    He currently collaborates as Marketing Director for Transforming Sober Living in Orange county, focusing on serving and teaching life skills to Alcohol and Drug dependent persons to live a fulfilled/happy life sober.

  • Ted Synder
    Ted SynderChemical Dependency Counselor - CADC


    Ted Synder, Chemical Dependency Counselor – CADC

    Ted himself has been clean and sober since 1985, he knows first hand what is like to go through the recovery process. He is in charge of the after care programs, and he facilitate groups and co-facilitates family groups. He has over 26 years of experience working in addiction recovery field.

    He conducts private one-on-one coaching sessions with the residence.

  • Gina Richards
    Gina RichardsCertified Drug and Alcohol Counselor


    Gina Richards is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, responsible for transporting residence to meetings, appointments, court visits, and she co-facilitates groups, and supervises residence activities.

  • Jim Zureiqi
    Jim ZureiqiHouse Manager


    Jim joined our team in 2007, he is the house manager, responsible for the integrity of the house and is involved in most program activities including transporting residence to their doctors, courts, appointments and daily 12 steps meetings. Jim is also responsible for kitchen and all meals.

    Jim is in the process of completing his last of schooling to obtain his drug and alcohol counseling certification at Saddleback college.

  • Mariam Javan
    Mariam JavanAdministrative Director

    Mariam first joined our team as a volunteer in 2013. She earned her MBA from BTH university. Mariam has been an executive assistant and administrative manager for more than 15 years. Mariam’s experience allows her to bring her own unique brand of passion, enthusiasm and warmth to prospective clients and their families.

    ” I am very excited to be a part of the team at Transforming Life Center. The Honesty and courage I am witnessing is truly a blessing”.