Be a Volunteer: Working Together to Make a Change

If you want to have the opportunity for personal satisfaction, growth and continuous learning while helping better the lives of other people, we invite you to be part of our dedicated team of volunteers at Transforming Life Sober Living Center.

Benefits of Volunteering

Ask any person who did or is currently under a volunteer program and you will be told the several benefits it offers. As you share your time and energy with our staff, clients and their families, you achieve the following benefits:

  • Even through a simple helping hand, a smile on your face, a warm hello or just your positivity, it feels great to know that you have made a difference in someone’s life. Giving back to other people always gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  • You get to meet new people and friends, know their stories and learn from their experiences. It’s an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Volunteer work will fill you with new experiences, life lessons and a chance for continued learning, as you also get to help with research projects.
  • You are able to share your heart, sense of humor and enthusiastic spirit with others.

Added Benefits:

  • Transforming Life Sober Living Center provides volunteers with letters to satisfy a court-ordered community service.
  • We provide volunteers with certification for the number of hours spent working at the center.
  • After six months of volunteer work at Transforming Life Sober Living Center, you can bring your family members or loved ones who are in need of our help to attend our family group meetings, free of charge!

Ways You Can Help

  1. Serve as a tour guide and host for our many visitors.
  2. Assist our staff during events and community meetings.
  3. Transport and supervise patients to our probation office, doctor appointments and 12-step meetings.
  4. Help with our research projects.
  5. Provide administrative support.


Before you can start volunteering at Transforming Life Sober Living Center, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. TB Test
  2. Free of nicotine or any substance
  3. Has a valid driving license and insurance

Being a non-profit organization, Transforming Life Sober Living Center is happy for your continued support through volunteer work. We deeply appreciate the time, energy and skills you share with us, our clients and their families. Let’s work together to make a change.


Volunteer at Transforming Life Center