Choosing the Right Therapist for You

You took a closer look at your addiction and, whether or not you considered it a problem, you decided you wanted a change. You realized that you needed professional advice and to get this question answered, “Can I do something about it?” So, you started asking around and searched the Internet for local addiction therapists. And then you were faced with another question – What should I look for in an addiction therapist?

To help you make an informed decision, here are some essential considerations:

Communication should be Easy
One of the most essential aspects of therapy is communication. Being able to easily, clearly and comfortably communicate with your therapist, and vice versa, is a must. Is he genuinely empathetic about you and your situation and not just someone who will make assumptions and “label” you as an addict? You must make sure that communication will not be a hindrance for a successful recovery.

Therapist should be Knowledgeable and Skillful
There is nothing wrong if you ask your therapist for a little background of his/her training and experience. How long has he/she been practicing the profession? Has he/she worked in a rehabilitation center? Also, the treatment your therapist offers should be custom-designed to meet your individual needs.

When it comes to experience, some people seeking treatment for addiction want to have a therapist with first-hand experience, one who has been sober for quite a while. This gives them more hope that they can also overcome their hurdle. This brings us to the third factor to consider.

Therapist should be Motivating and Helpful

Find a therapist who instills hope in you and maintains a positive attitude no matter what. The treatment is not going to be easy. There will be a lot of challenges that may come your way, so having a therapist that is motivating and always helpful will be a huge plus.

Why Choose US?

With 30 Years of experience we provide a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation which takes place during recovery at The Transforming Life Sober Living center. Freeing your body from the substances that have held you captive allows you to heal emotionally and physically. At the same time, your spirit can begin to rebound, as we guide you to a new lifestyle filled with fresh insights and coping skills.

What Our Program Offers

Transforming Life Sober Living Center provides a range of direct services, supervision and social activities which serve to reinforce each individual’s recovery. Through a thorough assessment, The Transforming Life Sober Living Center staff develops a recovery plan with you, reflecting your personal interests, goals and recovery activities. These may include group education on addiction and recovery, on-site twelve-step meetings, peer support, and individual mentoring and guidance. The phases of residency are designed to meet individual needs, promote involvement in recovery activities, and increase self-sufficiency.

  • Assessment, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Individual mentoring and guidance through established program phases
  • Weekly Goals Sessions
  • Weekly 12-step meeting
  • Daily morning reflection
  • Community 12-step involvement
  • Assurance of a substance-free environment
  • Random and frequent toxicology screening and breathalyzing
  • Referrals to quality recovery and aftercare services and community resources are available as needed throughout residency.




1-Structured and beautiful furnished, decorated home nested in a private and quite equestrian community in beautiful Anaheim Hills in city of Yorba Linda with full kitchen as well as large safe and comfortable living areas and fully furnished private and semi-private rooms.


2-Democratically managed by residents and on primes 24/7 caring and experienced staff, with recovery programs designed to increase self-responsibility and independence.

3-Outdoor patio areas, fireplaces, three waterfalls, Jacuzzi, large saltwater pool with slide, for peaceful relaxation recovery from any addiction.

4-Full nutritional homemade private chef prepared meals and snacks, from breakfast to dinner.

5-Laundry Facilities on the premise, and Wireless Internet access. 40 cars free parking on premise

6- Private in home Gym

7- Yoga sessions 2-3 times during a week.